That Lucky Old Sun ( Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day ) PART I

Key Largo sunset

This week was a journey of epic proportions so we’re going to split it into two parts. The gorgeous and talented Kaylee Greer and I conquered close to the entire state of Florida (if you need proof, check that map). We landed in Ft. Lauderdale and stayed for the night. The next morning we ventured to Monkey Jungle in Miami on our way down to the Florida Keys. We needed up in Key Largo just in time for one of the most amazing sunsets i’ve ever experienced, oh and I watched it from a hammock tied to two palm trees on the beach…

Kaylee in action

The proceeding day was spent in Key West! We went to the Southern Most Point, explored the island with a scooter, and went to the beach of course! There was a 50s looking cinema playing indie films with an awesome Marilyn statue outside. We ventured into some pretty amazing art galleries as well.


The next morning, we ventured to a art show on the shore of Islamorada. We met lots of creative and talented painters, photographers, and sculptors. After that was Wrestlemania XXVIII. We witnessed “the End of an Era” as the Undertaker had his last match! He won, of course and retained his flawless record (20-0).

We spent the next couple days with Kaylee’s pup, Toby! What a big, slobbery, furry guy. He made friends everywhere we went! I’ve never seen a dog with so much personality. When I first met him, he almost licked my face clean off! After we dropped off the love of Miss Greer’s life, it was off to Orlando! which is where our next tale of adventure begins…
Enjoy the photos, there will be more in PART II later this week!

~ by eightarmedstudio on April 8, 2012.

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