That Lucky Old Sun ( Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day ) PART II

Last time on Eight Armed adventures, our heroes were on a quest to slay the T-Rex and capture the treasure of the sacred light-up cup of Dizzneigh!…well sort of. Kaylee and I ended up in Orlando pretty late so we grabbed some food at T-Rex! One of the finest establishments in Downtown Disney. It was kinda like the Rainforest Cafe but kinda waaaay better, and with dinosaurs! I commandeered a cup that my adult beverage came in, mainly because the bottom of the cup lit up…which makes it sound more like a kids beverage. After dinner we continued our journey to Tampa!

St. Petersburg

The next morning we picked up some tasty burgers at Fresh Mouth and hung out with some friends Kaylee went to college with. Later that night we headed down to St. Petersburg which had a great park to take some pictures in. We met a few interesting people, one being a gentleman who had just moved down to the area. We conversed about how awful cubicle dwelling, money grubbing, stiffs were and we would never be THAT kind of person. We parted ways with the man and on our way to get food with stopped into an old shop full of vintage cameras and paintings. Of course I ended up by the case with all the cameras. The shop owner( who had fixed up most of the cameras and had used them as well ) was a character. Drinking, smoking, and telling the history of each camera while handing them to me and telling me to try them out under his raspy, half-mumbled sentences there was wisdom and knowledge.

Carlin by Dog Breath Photography

In the afternoon the proceeding day we met up with another pup friend, Carlin, at Honeymoon Island! Kaylee got some solid dog photos there and we headed over to Clearwater beach. The name was not deceiving, it was pretty amazing. Watched a pirate ship sail into the sunset, because that happens in real life. There were an abundance of craftsmen and craftswomen on the pier selling jewelry and trinkets. That’s were we met Sparky! The metal dog made of bolts and a spark plug. He obviously came home with us. On our way back to the hotel, we ate at one of the best places in Florida, in my opinion Bahama Breeze.
Lake Eola

Lake Eola

Our final day was spent at Lake Eola in the afternoon, easily one of the most beautiful places we had visited. Another visually stunning places to take photos. I even broke out the ol’ Polariod Sun 660 to get some vintage looking shots. I always enjoyed the unpredictability of old film over the mass produced feel of the digital camera.
Later that night we met up with our friend Jimmy at Universal Studios and grabbed some burritos and relaxed at the park….In the morning we were back in the airport on our way back to Baaaahston khed! (Boston)

enjoy the second half of the photos! could fit all of them from the trip so check for more!

Also, thanks to Dogbreath Photography for Carlin’s cameo on our blog! Check out Kaylee’s work at

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