She Likes Skulls

Sketching is something I have been inspired to get back into as of recently. Drawing was my first love. In fact, in second grade my teacher suggested that my parents enroll me in a school based strictly on art. I stayed in public school, but never stopped drawing on things. Sketching and music are the only things that keep me sane so naturally I listen to music when I sketch. Sometimes I’ll hear lyrics that influence what I draw, sometimes a musical instrument will trigger a visual representation of that sound. Usually whatever i’m listening to will have a huge influence on the outcome of the sketch.
I’ve been sticking to markers and pens and limiting myself to black and red colors. This is how things have been progressing:

Til Undead Do Us Part

Axes to Eyes

Take Me to Your Liter

A few friends have taken interest in the background on my iPhone (the one littered with skulls pictured below) and actually wanted that background on their phone as well! That got me thinking of creating background for other people to enjoy on their iPhones instead of being selfish and creating awesome looking backgrounds for my own pleasure. So we’re going to try to come up with some good ones over the next month. Suggestions are welcome! e-mail me at
This is what we have for you at the moment! Download them and use them on your phone!!

Eight Armed iPhone (Skulls)

Eight Armed iPhone (Skulls) Lock Screen

Eight Armed iPhone (Hearts)
Eight Armed iPhone (Hearts) Lock Screen White
Eight Armed iPhone (Hearts) Lock Screen Black

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