Zurich the Zombie

Keeping Out Of Direct Sunlight

We have a few creations we would like to talk about this week. Let me introduce you to Zurich the Zombie, Walter the Werewolf, and Martin the Mummy! All three of these creatures have been crafted by Eight Armed Studio and were originally blank vinyl toys and one wooden toy from KidRobot. Zurich was the first creation! He came out of the box with an “imperfection”, his wooden head was split open! So I figured to roll with the hand the fate had dealt instead of returning the item to the store. He was originally going to be a Frankenstein, but I figured the split in the head justifies making him a zombie. Many months of oil paint later, he became the undead man you see in front of you!

Zurich the Zombie

Zurich the Zombie

Zurich the Zombie

I enjoyed making the zombie so much I figured I’d make a wolf man friend and continue the trend. I thoroughly enjoy the way oil paint looks, but it takes an absurd amount of time to dry! In between video editing jobs I kept tabs on Walter the Werewolf. When I finished I figured he needed some type of old school flannel shirt the was torn apart. I thought about painting it on, but that would take too long and probably not come out was well as I’d like. So I ripped up one of my old flannel shirts and threw it on Walter! Since we have the same style, it worked out well.

Walter the Werewolf

Walter the Werewolf

Now I picked up this vinyl creature with the intention of making him into a mummy using oil pain (ugh!) but I had some First Aid tape laying around my room (because thats normal!?) and figured that would suit Martin much better! The eyes will be painted on but we used black sharpie for the body since it would dry faster. Here’s the progress so far! He’s about halfway done!

Martin (BLANK)

Eight Armed Studio seems to be sporting a new logo lately on most of the social media sites we are affiliated with! If you haven’t followed us on Twitter on liked us on Facebook (and I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be doing those things) you can check out the logo here! Expect shirts and stickers within the next few months! #HAILEIGHTARMED


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