Murder by Death

King of the Gutters, Prince of the Dogs

On July 14th we had the privilege of shooting video for the indie, folk-rock, heavy hitters: Murder by Death. The first time I heard them was in March this year when they played with our friends in Anchors and the unpredictable Foxy Shazam. I took photos for Murder by Death that night and I was extremely surprised with the performance! The talent that this band encompasses is amazing. Adam (the singer/guitarist) e-mailed me because he saw the photos I put up on the web and wanted a couple of the photos to put up on the band’s website. Of course I said “yes”.
A few weeks later they announced a new tour and I saw they were coming to Boston. I sent the band an e-mail asking If it was alright to shoot video for their show at the Paradise Rock Club. They said “sure!”. So on the 14th, after a long day at the beach we geared up and headed into the depths of Boston. We found a good spot for the cameras and the mic up on the balcony by the sound booth and the end product is what on YouTube

The part that I am most proud of is the color correction, or lack thereof. Did not have to touch the color because It looked completely fine straight from the lenses. Also, I could not have done this without the help of my extra sets of arms. I am very grateful to have talented friends who are supportive of my cause.
If you enjoyed “Feugo!” and “I’m Afraid of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe” , we will be releasing the live video for “Straight at the Sun” the same night the new record Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon is released! [midnight on September 24th] I know that’s a long ways away but it will be worth the wait, believe me. It’s my favorite song off the new album. Check out all the cool prizes for supporting the new album on the Murder By Death KICKSTARTER page!

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