Martin the Mummy

Wasting the Dawn

It has taken a few months, but we finally found time to finish Martin the Mummy. This one eyed wonder was made with sharpie, waterproof first aid tape, and acrylic paint.

Martin the Mummy

He’s our third monster along side Zurich the Zombie and Walter the Werewolf. It’s seems like we may be lookin at a vampire or frankenstein for our next monster, unless we decide to veer off the classic monster path. No reason for consistency right!? haha

Martin the Mummy

Martin the Mummy

Martin the Mummy

Drawing, painting, and being more hands on with my work has always been more exciting for me because i’m creating something that exists the the real world. The digital realm has become full of the same ‘ol fabricated artwork. It feels better to make something literally by your own means and without the credit of various hardware and software companies. Granted the shell was made by KidRobot, but you get what i’m talking about.

Zurich and Martin

thanks for reading, and as always

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