Sub7 and the Undead

the Good, the Bad, and the Undead

This week we started working on a new music video for Sub7 and the Undead. This will be a cut off their NEW album “Symphony in Blood”. Symphony in Blood is a sequel (part 2) in a series of concept albums. This song will follow Alistair Darkwater and his revenge on the gypsy family that cursed him. There’s blood, vampires, angels, and a group of girls that will tear your heart out and eat it for breakfast.
I have been working closely with Alistair on his vision and what part of the story we will be telling with this next video. I’ve heard the song and this video is going to ROCK. Since it is a concept album and it is meant to tell a story, the video is basically a short horror film. There’s nothing I enjoy more than rock n’ roll, blood, and film.
We got some great shots and it was a perfect weekend to shoot in the backwoods and backyards of Dunstable, MA despite the cold nights haha. Dawn and Scott were great hosts, they let us use their land and in return the girls got to show their gratification by sinking their teeth into their necks! Everyone wins!
Excited for the new album, this one is gonna be heavy!! Expect more updates on the progress from our Twitter and Facebook pages. Here’s some behind the scenes shots to peak your interest:

Alistair Darkwater

Alistair and the Coven

Alistair and Jackie

Blurry gathering

Cold night for a shoot

Scott post-death

Jeff showing off his neck wound

the Aftermath

Lots of blood, good times, and good friends. Hope you’re all thirsty for more!!

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