Riot Rhythm

Harvey Uncouth has released his solo record titled “I Believe In Harvey Uncouth”
Nine solid hip-hop tracks that are musically diverse but still cohesive
Every record i’ve heard from Harvey has been progressively more mature. Always a step in the right direction

Since I have had the privilege of designing the album artwork for the last three singles and as constructed a logo for the villainous MC, he had me design the artwork for “I Believe In Harvey Uncouth”


Me and Harvey had some ideas from the beginning starting with a photo shoot.
Just a plain black background that we could knock out in Photoshop

Harvey Uncouth
Harvey Uncouth

Experimented with lighting

Harvey Uncouth
Harvey Uncouth

Decided on the photo for the cover

Harvey Uncouth
Harvey Uncouth

Then drawing inspiration from Harvey Dent’s campaign from the Dark Knight, some dark and grungy textures, a photo of NYC I took 5 years ago, we came up with:

I Believe In Harvey Uncouth
I Believe In Harvey Uncouth

thanks to the vector skills of Chou Design for designing the “Harvey Uncouth” name


Wondering what this album sounds like? Here’s my favorite track Bonfires In December


You can pick up this album for FREE on


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