This Is The New Sound


This is the first post i’ve made since i’ve moved to the west coast and I wanted to make it a good one. I’ve been following this group creative movement on Instagram called TFTI_LA (Thanks For The Invite LA) for the past couple months and i’ve seen them do some rad work in the streets of L.A. The idea is inviting artists, models, musicians, and creative types to a location in L.A. and they set a date and time to meet up and collaborate. Anyone is able to join and it’s free. All you need to do is show up.

Last Tuesday was the first time I was able to make it into L.A. and meetup and it was an unreal experience. To see about 40 people getting together, sharing ideas, teaching, learning, and creating was great. Especially since half of us didn’t know one another. I can say, i’ll definitely be making it to more of these creative collaborative gatherings.

Here’s a few solid pictures from that night

Just a disclaimer, yes that fire is real…

TFTI (1 of 1)-5
| Born of the Fire | Arabian M.K.



TFTI (3 of 5)
| No Face cosplay | Yess Yeni


TFTI (5 of 5)
Yess Yeni | Trinidy Celest


TFTI (1 of 1)-2
Only the Dead Know My Name | Butch Locsin


follow @TFTI_LA on Instagram for more pictures and videos

keep creativity alive and #HailEightarmed

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