All Along Echoing Paths

This is the second TFTI_LA meetup that I made it to and the turnout was huge. A few people playing with fire, rad looking masks and makeup, and collectively talented people. DJ 6AM was setting the tone spinning music through a laptop, mixer, and PA hooked up to a car battery all on a shopping cart. Ultimate moblie music set up for sure. It’s great to see so many talented people getting together to create incredible things.  It’s hard to capture it all because there’s usually so many things happing at once. Here’s all the good shots I got from that night:






clowing_around_02Kavan_Otoole_01Kavan_Otoole_02Nick_01Nick_02step_right_upTFTI (1 of 1)-15Skateboarding_AssasinTFTI (1 of 1)-17TFTI (1 of 1)the_Heist_01the_Heist_02the_Heist_03Angels_to_SOme_Demons_to_Otherswritten_in_bloodTFTI (1 of 1)-18






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